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      Pastel on board  Male lions can reach a length of 10 feet and weigh between 300 to 500 pounds or more and are the only cats with manes. Female lions are slightly smaller.African lions spend 90% of their time sleeping!   Did you know:  Lions are believed to have existed on earth for 2 million years or longer. 
      Coloured pencil on paper  Carmine bee-eaters are found in Africa from Senegal in the west to Abyssinia and Somalia in the east. They hunt mainly by keeping watch for flying insects from a perch. The insect is snapped up in the bill, then the bird returns to the perch, where it beats the prey against the perch until it is inactive.    Did you know:  Carmine bee-eaters begin their nest holes by flying head-first into the dirt to make a dent! 
      Coloured pencil on drafting film  The Song Sparrow lives up to its name, being one of the most persistent singers throughout the spring and summer. A group of Song Sparrows are collectively known as a 
      Soft pastel  The fennec fox can be located in northern Africa and throughout the Sahara also the Sinai peninsula and Arabia. Theyare the smallest of all foxes, averaging only about eight inches tall and about fourteen inches long.     Did you know:  The fennec fox is the smallest of all the world
      Coloured pencil on drafting film  Emus have been in Australia for over 80 million years and are Australia
      Soft pastel  The green tree frog is carnivorous in nature and eats crickets and other insects.. Frogs appeared on Earth about 200 million years ago. (humans arrived about two million years ago.) There are over 4000 species of frog in the world and over 200 species in Australia.   Did you know:  During mating season the male will call up to 75 times per minute. Tree frogs have powerful leg muscles that enable them to leap distances of 8-10 feet!  
      Coloured pencil on drafting film  The Galah is one of the most abundant and familiar of the Australian parrots, occurring over most of Australia, including some offshore islands.   Did you know:  A galah, in Australian slang, means a foolish person and the word galah, is a cross between the Aboriginal names of gulah, gillar and galar. 
      Coloured pencil on drafting film  The mouse opossum is a mouse-like marsupial with a pointed nose. It is a solitary nocturnal animal which spends the night scurrying about looking for food. During the day, it sleeps high in the trees in its own nest built of leaves and twigs. It
      Coloured pencil on drafting film  The Tiger Striped Monkey Tree Frog is a nocturnal tree frog, and are widespread and abundant east of the Andes in South America. The males are smaller and thinner than females (lucky things!)   Did you know:  They are called monkey frogs because they don‘t hop much, but instead climb about using their hands and fingers in a way similar to monkeys.
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