03:41 am, 22 Feb, 2018 (ACDT)
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Art References

I heartily thank the following people for allowing me to use their wonderful photographs as art references...I could never do it without you.

I would also like to thank all of those terrific and generous people who allow their photos under Commons or Public Domain licenses that allow unlimited use by people like me. A huge two thumbs up!!

Art Work Reference thanks to Reference Web Site
Majestic Tim Lubcke
I Brought You Flowers Tim Lubcke
Hug Your Tree Today Chad Littlejohn SXC
Happy Endings Andrew Miller
MmmmmMum Chad Littlejohn SXC
Tiger Luis C. Tejo Morguefile
Mine, mine, mine Manuel Barroso SXC
A Little Lion Lovin Luis C. Tejo Morguefile
Feeling a Little Cocky Brenda Clarke Flickr
Pride and Joy Joe Glasgow SXC
Otterly Delightful Colliedog WC
Tiger Cub Stribb WC
Cat Nap Crias (Cathy Sheeter) WC
Gorilla M S G Winkler Webshots
Wombat Tim Lubcke
Gray Kangaroo Keith Miller Flickr
Trio of Tired Terrors Neil Morgan Flickr
Nuzzle Karen van der Voorden Flickr
Safety in Numbers
A special thank you to
the following people for
their contribution
to this
Barry Clark (Amur leopard)
Brian McKay (Asiatic lion)
Gaila             (Snow leopard)
Tambako (Tiger )
Mouse?...Oh, Possum icelight Flickr
Fight, fight! William Warby Flickr
The Lesson Toshi Flickr
Carmine Chris Eason Flckr
It's easy being green KecMec SXC
Foxy Joachim S Muller Flickr
Peekaboo Kate McInnes Flickr
Oh Hey! Public Domain.
Aloof Tim Lubke
Roll in the Hay Chi King (Dave) Flickr
Panda Tree Chi King (Dave) Flickr
Bird Watcher Chris Barella Flickr
Tanklet Stephen Poff Flickr
Song Sparrow Tom Clifton Flickr
Dos Lobos Steve Harris Flickr
Curious Steve Harris Flickr
Low Tide Li-Lian Williams Flickr
Tiger striped tree frog Stephen Roletto Flickr
Kookaburra Sits.... Kym McLeod SXC

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