03:39 am, 22 Feb, 2018 (ACDT)
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In the Beginning

Of course I will alter small details, such as stray hair across the face or something like that, if it's asked of me.

The method I use is to ask the client to find several good photographs (though often there is a big difference in quality between a 'good' photo and the 'favourite' shot they would prefer so usually I end up working with a favourite). These can be colour or black and white. I prefer close ups as it is much easier to pick up tiny details (but sometimes it isn't possible to provide a good close shot).

With these I pick images that provide a good portrait view and then use that for the basis of the sketch.This can sometimes be tricky, especially if I am given pictures that lose a lot of detail when enlarged. This is often the case with digital camera photos. Many seem to take great shots until you enlarge them a bit...then hey, it's pixel city! But I'm a professional (ahem again)...I manage.

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